The hottest markets for home building, and the top builders in each. Here’s our annual list of the country’s 50 largest new-home markets.

The latest Local Leaders list—the much-anticipated ranking of the top 50 new-home markets ranked by closings—is out. And there have been changes. The new No. 1 new-home market is Dallas, which surpassed Houston in 2016, as predicted here last year. Houston is now No. 2. The next swap in the top five is the Washington D.C. metro area, which slipped to No. 6 as Austin supplanted it in the No. 5 spot. Orlando moved up from No. 9 to No. 7, pushing Charlotte to No. 8. In the rest of the top-20, Miami moved from No. 18 last year to No. 11 this year, while Seattle fell from No. 11 to No. 15. Tampa landed at No. 14, dispatching Riverside/San Bernardino to No. 16. Las Vegas, last year’s No. 15, slipped to No. 18, and Los Angeles, No. 16 last year, dropped to No. 17. And Jacksonville replaced Chicago at No. 20. The list includes the total number of closings and the top 10 builders in each market, ranked by their 2016 closings and market share.

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