Join us on November 15th at 2pm ET for our quarterly Metrostudy Housing Webcast to get an update on the state of housing in the United States as well as a close up look at the Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and South Central regions. Topics to be discussed:
  • National Update – our Chief Economist, Mark Boud, will present a state of the union on the current residential construction market, answering these critical questions:
    • What are the trends and forecasts for key indices impacting the housing market?
    • Which housing markets are most under supplied or are in danger of near-term over supply?
    • Which housing markets are forming a valuation ‘bubble’ and how much risk is involved in overvalued markets?
    • Are international issues slowing the US economy?
    • Where are we at in the housing cycle?
    • How are the natural disasters across the nation impacting the housing market?
  • Local View – Next, get local, as our market experts give you the lay of the land in the Southwest in:
    • Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN
    • Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN
    • DC Metro
    • Philadelphia, PA metro including N. NJ
Our Regional Directors will cover local market opportunities and challenges and share how builders in their markets are responding to pressure and capitalizing on opportunity at this stage of the cycle. Click below to register today!
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