MortgagePro™ is an exclusive quarterly report service to help you understand the new home construction lending landscape.

Use MortgagePro™ to:

  • Understand and measure your new home origination volume and market share position against the competition
  • Gain insight into relationships your competitors have with home builders
  • Execute prospecting initiatives to grow your new home loan business
  • Identify new markets to target for business expansion

Welcome to the quarterly report service that shines a spotlight on local new home construction players, dollars, and deals.

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MortgagePro™ informs your business growth initiatives with a close look at new home sales in your markets with:

  • Market and lender performance by MSA and county
  • Builder and subdivision lending activity
  • Builder and lender relationships by MSA and county
  • Lender rankings, including lender market-share tracked over rolling 12 months
  • Local builder contacts, including contact information for key personnel and offices
  • Active subdivisions, including information on remaining lending opportunity
  • Future subdivisions making their way through entitlement for development with lot counts