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Game-changing proprietary insights to ensure successful strategy execution.

The Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) is Metrostudy’s proprietary market intelligence service for remodeling industry players, including building product manufacturers, dealers, and distributors, full-service remodeling firms, specialty contracting firms, pool builders, and retailers.

RRI lets you put your hands around the market to better focus your marketing efforts and improve sales and marketing effectiveness. RRI is driven by the millions of homes in the U.S. that need constant maintenance, improvement, and upgrades.

RRI data is produced using a proprietary econometric model owned and maintained by Metrostudy. It leverages information on more than 100 million households, key economic variables, remodeling permits, and consumer surveys, and forecasts of the expected remodeling activity in the future.

Clients use RRI to make critical business decisions on everything from strategic planning and geographical expansion to operation financing and target marketing. RRI provides:

  • Quantifiable facts to back up market prioritization for marketing investments
  • Targeted and thorough information about current and future healthy markets
  • Insights into key remodeling consumer groups
  • Solid consumer data which can be leveraged to determine how to reach key, desirable segments

NATIONAL RRI Subscription

Delivered quarterly, the national RRI subscription covers all 366 metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S. as well as a national composite. Market rankings and heat maps include:

  • Charts for each MSA
  • Remodeling Index
  • Market Health Index
  • Remodeling Demand
  • Historical data and future forecast
  • Trends for key economic factors

Also included are Zip Code activity maps for Each MSA, reports in PDF and Excel format, and two hours of consulting time.

LOCAL RRI Subscription

RRI and Remodeling Demand Insights Local Market Reports provide a detailed overview of the local market’s current activity and trends and enables remodelers and replacement contractors to:

  • Understand the local market
  • Monitor the market’s level of activity and economic conditions, and forecasted activity
  • Understand consumer demand and where to focus efforts locally by zip code
  • Know the profile of the best consumer households to target for remodeling and replacement projects

Contact us to learn about our full range of RRI local market report offerings.

 RRI Local Market Project-Specific Reports focus the same lens on specific remodeling project types to permits you to hone in on project-specific remodeling activity and forecast, and strategize for action. Available RRI Local Market Project-Specific Reports:

  • Baths
  • Carpeting
  • Decks
  • Exterior Doors
  • Exteriors
  • Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Home Additions
  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Kitchens
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows

CUSTOM RRI Solutions

Metrostudy provides customization services to leverage RRI data for your specific needs. We can leverage additional data sets for creation of custom overlays to explore more specific product categories or product niches or develop target consumer profiles. Example engagements:

  • Tailored remodeling index and forecasts for cabinet sales based on multi-year store level sales
  • Support local dealers or contractors with detailed local market data
  • Discovery of best zip codes for homes with specific ages and roofing types in a region targeted by a manufacturer of roofing materials
  • Layer company or distributor/dealer sales information into RRI to determine areas exceeding, meeting or under-performing market demand
  • Analyze national and local markets for determining best opportunities for dealer expansion and sales & marketing investments
  • Combined geospatial rainfall and humidity information for identification of top markets for remodeling and products designed to be moisture resistant
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