Insight Summer 2016 Release Features School Data and More

We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of our Insight mobile web app! Here’s a rundown of the highlights of what you’ll find in this release.

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New Features

School Data

This is the top requested feature we’ve had at Metrostudy and it’s finally here!

Public school attendance zones are now available as a map layer. You can view school locations and boundaries right on the map by activating the attendence zone layer in the map layer tool. When you click on a school, a pop up will provide summary information about the school.


When you click on the report button for a selected school, you’ll get even more information on the school including scores, demographics, and more.


School data is also provided in:

  • Target Market Analysis (TMA) Report – detailed information about schools within your target area area is included in your TMA report.
  • Subdivision Catalog Report – all the schools that serve a subdivision’s location are included in the catalog report for reference.

Thematic Maps

New thematic maps include include key Metrostudy proprietary data heatmaps for Starts, Closings, Vacant Developed Lots, and Futures. Most thematic maps are now available at the following geography levels: County, Zip Code, Postal City, and School District.


Target Market Area Report Enhancements 

  • Your selected filter criteria
    • is applied to key report content, delivering to you even more on-point analysis
    • is included as a reference page to remind you of the selections you’ve made that impact your results
  • New Months of Supply Report, covering
    • Vacant Developed Lots
    • Finished Inventory
    • Future Inventory

Other goodies

  • New Land Prospects filter – assessed value of parcel based on tax records
  • Email report functionality enhanced to make it easier to email reports from Insight to your peers

Login to Insight now and tour the new features.  If you are interested in training or talking to our support team, please contact us!


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