Who we are.

Metrostudy is the leading provider of primary and secondary market information to the housing and residential construction industry. Metrostudy’s actionable business intelligence informs investment decisions that mitigate risk and grow revenue for builders, developers, lenders, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, telecom providers, and more. Organizations engaging Metrostudy gain critical insights and actionable intelligence specific to their operating markets.

We offer the housing industry’s only integrated data intelligence solution; supported by the most comprehensive and accurate U.S. geographic coverage available. Every quarter, our local field research teams deliver the most accurate market data in the industry. Our core research is complemented by strategic third party data. We gather intelligence on future developments, demographics, deed records, tax assessor records as well as economic data, and complementary data points related to the local and national economy.

All Metrostudy information is accessible via our Metrosearch suite of applications—cutting-edge cloud and mobile applications that empower client teams to visualize critical data using thematic views, sorts, and filters; run dynamic reports based on selected criteria; and research geographies ranging from one subdivision to an entire metropolitan area.  In addition, Metrostudy delivers comprehensive expertise on development, marketing and economic issues.

Our unparalleled housing data is just part of the equation. Our clients partner with our team of analysts and industry strategists to apply our collective knowledge and our insights improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their key strategic decisions.  Our local market consultants provide tailored research studies evaluating the marketability of residential and commercial real estate projects, specific to your regions.

Metrostudy is the definitive authority for real estate and housing industry market intelligence.