New Kids on the Block: Can Real Estate Tech Manage Homebuilder Spec?


Paradigm shifts in the homebuilding industry have been far and few until 2019. iBuyers are growing exponentially and homebuilders are exploring single family for rent to weather a pending market correction. Shifts enable creativity and part of being more creative is exploring strategic partnerships. Prior to the Great Recession, homebuilders ...

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Seattle Millennial Homeowners: Meet Madison and Gaurav

What sets genYration apart from other housing blogs is that we interview real millennials who have recently bought homes in various markets. Earlier this year, a millennial couple purchased their first home in Seattle. I sat down with them to ask them why they made this decision? What features were ...

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Empty Nesters: Millennials at Heart

Home Preferences

It would be difficult for me to qualify my parents as Millennials. Sure, they love new experiences and enjoy traveling. They own a pair or two of Allbirds (the disruptive all-purpose wool sneaker). They Instagram, text, and shop online often at stores targeted towards Millennials. They love the “athleisure” trend. ...

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Introducing GenYration: A Millennial Housing Blog

Figuring out the elusive Millennial Buyer has been on the minds of builders and developers for nearly a decade. Millennials are expected to take the housing industry by storm, however fears of affordability and lifestyle have caused less Millennials to own a home. Are Millennials interested in being homeowners? Is ...

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