Eugene James Discusses the Atlanta Housing Market on WSB News

Eugene James, senior regional director for Metrostudy, recently discussed the Atlanta housing market with reporters from WSB Channel 2 news.


James shared his forecast with viewers on why he believes home prices will continue to rise by about 5% this year and why it makes more sense to purchase a home sooner rather than wait for both mortgage rates and home prices to increase.  He also mentioned that the spring selling season is rapidly approaching and is normally the time of year when homes for sale will rise in the MLS system, but this may be an abnormal year since inventory of homes for sale is much lower than in previous years. This may skew more buyers towards purchasing a new home over a used home, even though the new home will cost more than a similar sized used home. In the long run, James explains that a new home will often help to pay for itself by being better insulated and more energy efficient all around.