Metrostudy’s Consumer Segmentation expert, Paige Shipp, will be joining forces with the Director of Customer Insights for Zillow Group, Mary Kaye O’Brien. This panel will be covering:
  • Zillow Group’s newly released findings from their Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018—an annual survey of 13,439 consumers
  • Who is the New Construction Buyer and how do they differ from resale buyers?
  • How are they shopping for homes and what is the role of the sales center?
  • Why do (and don’t) consumers buy new construction?
  • Metrostudy’s illustration on how to reach new home buyers based on their consumer groups
  • Which consumer groups are more likely to purchase new and why?
  • How to target consumer groups in marketing and sales
  • What design elements, features and options resonate with each consumer group?