Metrostudy’s Regional Director for Southern California, John Mulville, will be speaking on a panel called Natural Disasters/Climate Change: A Game Changer for CRE Industry? The session will cover topics like:
  • What are the lasting effects of recent severe weather/climate change on the real estate industry both directly and indirectly? What has been the impact on property values? On construction costs and development? How to quantify this?
  • What can we expect from the insurance industry as a response to recent hurricanes/wildfires? From government? What will this mean for CRE investors? To what degree will risk be re-priced?
  • Have you had any impact on your properties/portfolios? If so, how are you addressing this?
  • Real estate risk assessment: How has climate change affected your CRE due diligence processes?
  • Are there now no-go CRE investment areas? Are you seeing reduced demand in certain regions as a result of recent severe weather/wildfires?
  • Flat lands and coastal properties: What now for owners/developers in at-risk areas?
  • How to deal with the effects of climate change on at-risk properties/regions and prepare for future threats? What steps must all owners/operators/developers need to be doing?
  • Developing, building, and planning communities in high risk areas: What changes are needed?