Don’t Guess. Know.

Fueling OnTarget is Metrostudy’s Housing Consumer Group Intelligence—data on over 100 million households. Leveraging years of research and expertise, Metrostudy’s proprietary segmentation model distills over 10,000 attributes into an easily-understood, actionable housing-preference consumer segment matrix.

This intelligence is applied to every home closing in Metrostudy’s industry-leading geographic footprint; providing an unparalleled view into homebuyer preferences nationwide.

OnTarget marries Metrostudy’s proprietary data with world-class marketing to connect you with your best customers like never before. Activate OnTarget to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing initiatives with pinpoint prospect targeting, enhanced messaging, and custom marketing solutions.

OnTarget Consumer Intelligence provides Building Product Manufacturers with:

  • Brand awareness and education for homeowners
  • Consumer profiling for propensity to buy products and/or services
  • Consumer profiling for propensity to engage in remodeling activity
  • Strategic media planning and targeted marketing to high converting consumer segments
  • Market expansion evaluation
  • Distribution channel selection
  • Store performance review

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