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Be confident in your decisions.

When you make decisions, you need to be confident that your data is accurate: tax dollars and citizen confidence are on the line.  You need need critical insights and actionable intelligence on the residential construction landscape to inform policy decisions and to drive efficient decision making, service delivery, and infrastructure planning. Local, state, and federal government entities rely on Metrostudy to deliver the most complete and accurate information and analysis on housing activity in their jurisdictions.

New Home Construction Activity

Metrostudy has an unparalleled research footprint covering 76% of the new home construction in the U.S., including all the top CBSAs ranked for construction activity.

In our survey markets, we provide critical, proprietary information on the specific location, size, and expected household population (counts and demographics) of planned future subdivisions and active subdivisions under construction. You can anticipate demand on infrastructure and services well in advance and implement plans for future growth. Departments benefiting from our survey intelligence include:

  • Facilities
  • Public works
  • Public safety
  • Planning
  • Health & human services
  • Education

Market Trends: Health and Populations

Metrostudy provides detailed reporting and analysis on market health across 980 CBSAs and 2,483 counties nationwide. We synthesize data from disparate sources to provide you with actionable, single-source analytical tools to understand real estate transaction activity, the market’s health and trends, and the current and forecasted demographic makeup of local communities from the CBSA down to your specific localized area of interest.

Products & Services

Metrostudy Membership

All-access pass to the nation’s premier real estate intelligence with in-depth analysis about development, marketing, and economic issues.


Our premier real estate consultancy expertly equipped to provide you with insights and guidance to successfully navigate the marketplace.

Custom Services

On-demand research experts uniquely equipped to support your most pressing business needs.

Published Research & Reports

We offer a comprehensive range of forecasts, dashboards, and published research products covering market health, new construction, real estate transactions, and remodeling activity for your various research needs.

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