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Reap maximum profit.

Deciding which markets are ripe for you to expand into or where to site your next development, store, branch, or restaurant to reap maximum profit are critical questions you have as a retail location planner. You need to be able to identify future rooftop locations for site selection and forecast future household formations and consumer segment distribution to make informed development and leasing decisions.

Complete and accurate information

Leading retailers depend on Metrostudy to deliver the most complete and accurate information and analysis on housing activity in their markets and to provide detailed household growth and population projections by consumer segment to make investment decisions with confidence. Our services include:

  • Retail site selection – household formation, population growth, and consumer demand forecasting
  • Market analysis – local market health and forecasting of key indices
  • Tenant selection – consumer segment profiling and demand forecasting

Products & Services


Our easy-to-use, cloud-based mobile app designed for busy executives and field research pros delivers our unrivaled housing intelligence to power your critical investment decisions.


Our premier real estate consultancy expertly equipped to provide you with insights and guidance to successfully navigate the marketplace.


Our flagship cloud-based application is the industry standard, delivering the industry's only integrated housing data intelligence platform.

Consumer Segmentation

Weave consumer segmentation intelligence into your planning and sales and marketing fabric to attune your products and services to your target audience and optimize your results.

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