Metrostudy covers all of Sarasota: a total of 5 counties. Our survey team drives over 15,000 miles and over 1,000 subdivisions every 90 days to provide you with the valuable information you need on future lots, vacant developed lots, homes under construction, and homes that have been completed. Metrostudy also does a quarterly survey of condo activity in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, which includes starts, closings and contracts written.

Sarasota – Bradenton News

SARASOTA / BRADENTON HOUSING 1Q18: New Housing Market Growth Forecast “Stable” Over Next 5 Years; Affordability & Inventory Are Challenges

1Q18 New Home Starts are up 2.3% YoY; Quarterly Closings are down 14.1% YoY Annual Starts are up 2.3% YoY; Annual Closings are up 0.5% YoY. Metrostudy views the Sarasota/Bradenton market as ‘stable’ over the next five years, with potential challenges likely to come from affordability issues: both the cost of the house and the …