Missed the 4Q18 Consumer Insights Webcast? Watch the Recording Now!

Metrostudy’s Consumer Segmentation expert, Paige Shipp, joined forces with the Director of Customer Insights for Zillow Group, Mary Kaye O’Brien. The pair covered topics and questions including:

  • Zillow Group’s newly released findings from their Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018—an annual survey of 13,439 consumers
  • Who is the New Construction Buyer and how do they differ from resale buyers?
  • How are they shopping for homes and what is the role of the sales center?
  • Why do (and don’t) consumers buy new construction?
  • Metrostudy’s illustration on how to reach new home buyers based on their consumer groups
  • Which consumer groups are more likely to purchase new and why?
  • How to target consumer groups in marketing and sales
  • What design elements, features, and options resonate with each consumer group?