Outlook Webinar: COVID-19 Update – June 10


This week during our Outlook Webinar: COVID-19 Housing Update – The Housing Market, Senior Managing Principal Tim Sullivan, and Chief Economist Ali Wolf provide real-time updates on how the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our economy and the residential construction industry.

What’s Changed:

  • States continue to relax containment measures with mix results; States early to reopen, Texas and Arizona, had all time-high hospitalization rates due to COVID-19
  • The mortgage industry continues to grow despite COVID-19 – noteworthily, mortgage applicationare up 13% YOY
  • Unemployment continues to decline with ~20M Americans still unemployed
  • Builders are experiencing an increase in market share as may listings grew MOM in some markets and 30% of Builders saw a slight increase in net contract volume
  • 39% of people in urban areas indicate they are open to moving to less dense place due to COVID-19

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