January 6, 2016, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hanley Wood, the premier company serving the information and marketing needs of the construction industry, announced the launch of its Metrostudy OnTarget, Consumer Intelligence platform. OnTarget delivers exclusive, critical, and actionable consumer housing preference segmentation intelligence to builders, developers, building product manufacturers, remodelers, retailers, utilities, telecommunication companies and school districts seeking to optimize their investments on their sales and marketing decisions.

“OnTarget is a game changer for Hanley Wood, Metrostudy and the residential construction industry,” said Peter Goldstone, CEO of Hanley Wood.   “We are no longer just a BtoB company.  We are jumping head-first into the consumer marketplace providing builders and manufacturers with a direct link to homeowners and buyers.”

OnTarget is another example of Hanley Wood’s integrated approach to helping their customers grow by marrying proprietary data with world-class marketing to connect its customers with their buyers. Goldstone stated that the company’s strategic marketing capabilities – Hanley Wood Marketing and Amplify – will permit customers to activate OnTarget’s proprietary intelligence allowing clients to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and marketing initiatives with pinpoint prospect targeting, enhanced messaging and custom marketing solutions.

OnTarget ups the ante on traditional segmentation by providing Hanley Wood and Metrostudy clients the exclusive ability to view consumers specifically through the lens of their housing preference.  Designed with the client’s key pain points in mind, OnTarget is a suite of solutions specifically designed for the housing industry and aligned industries seeking to understand household distribution trends.  OnTarget removes the guesswork, delivering consumer insights that enable clients to best understand, find, and activate their best customers and markets.

Fueling OnTarget is Metrostudy’s Consumer Housing intelligence – data on over 100 million households. Leveraging years of research and expertise, Metrostudy’s proprietary segmentation model distills over 10,000 attributes into an easily-understood, actionable housing-preference consumer segment matrix.  This intelligence is applied to every home closing in Metrostudy’s industry-leading geographic footprint; providing an unparalleled view into homebuyer preferences nationwide.

The result is more efficient and effective marketing and advertising providing clients with the ability to:

•       Hone in on their most profitable consumers & attract ideal prospects

•       Analyze demand, expansion, and growth opportunities

•       Prioritize markets for entry and exit

•       Evaluate current & future household distribution of segments to size markets

•       Minimize capital risk in site location and product mix decisions

Illustrative industry benefits include:

•     Builders/Developers: Site evaluation for fit with builder’s brand and products; product selection to meet demand and maximize sales velocity; sales and marketing strategy refinement based on actual conversion and prospect activity at subdivisions; target and convert home buyer prospects with turnkey marketing services from strategy through multi-channel and platform execution
•     Building Product Manufacturer:  Educate homeowners on their brands; consumer profiling for propensity to buy products/services /engage in remodeling activity (by type) or home building;  strategic media planning and targeted marketing to high converting consumer segments; and distribution channel selection and store performance review
•     Remodeling and Replacement Sectors:  Understand market trends and opportunity;   target consumer prospects with propensity to do remodeling projects
•     Retailers: Market expansion evaluation; site evaluation for fit with brand and products prospecting for consumers with a propensity to purchase
•     Utilities & Telecommunications: Infrastructure planning; prospecting for consumers with a propensity to purchase
•     Education/School Districts: Enrollment forecasting and attendance zone planning; site location analysis

About Hanley Wood

Hanley Wood is the premier company serving the information, media, and marketing needs of the residential, commercial design and construction industry. Utilizing the largest analytics-and editorially-driven Construction Industry Database, the company provides business intelligence and data driven services. The company produces award-winning media, both digital and print, high-profile executive events, and strategic marketing solutions. To learn more, visit hanleywood.com

About Metrostudy

Metrostudy is the leading provider of primary and secondary market information to the housing and residential construction industry.  Metrostudy’s actionable business intelligence informs investment decisions that mitigate risk and grow revenue for builders, developers, lenders, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers.  It’s the construction industry’s only integrated data intelligence solution supported by the most extensive U.S. geographic coverage.  Learn more at Metrostudy.com.