Metrostudy Announces Next Generation of MortgagePro -Visually Dynamic Tool Enables Mortgage Industry to Easily Access Data and Solutions Unique to Their Business


Washington, D.C. – November 28, 2018 – Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood company and the leading provider of primary and secondary market information to the housing and related industries nationwide, announced the next generation of MortgagePro, a visually dynamic tool designed  to enable the mortgage industry to understand national trends and assist in uncovering new sales opportunities.

“Getting to an answer has never been easier,” said Peter Goldstone, Chief Executive Officer of Hanley Wood.  “The newly imagined MortgagePro provides every user the power to research and uncover the solutions that matter to their business.  From CEO’s to local managers, there is a story to be told, and MortgagePro is there to help you tell it.”

The new interactive platform provides data weekly and offers any date-range customization.  The new release also features:

Visually stunning heat maps for drawing quick conclusions; enables quick decision-making

  • Intuitive navigation and mobile-ready solutions
  • Interactive Mapping, Top 10 lists and summary snapshots (all customizable)
  • Robust filters for dynamic searches, providing the ability to:
    • Split or combine existing and new purchase space
    • Assess loan types to better define competition and leads
    • Specify housing types for unique loan opportunities
    • Apply geographic scales for unique regions
    • Find single lenders or builders for business review

“It was crucial for this new platform to incorporate the inherent flexibility required to answer our client’s complex business questions,” said Andy Reid, President of Metrostudy and Chief Data Officer/Hanley Wood.   “To that end, this platform had to be universally available no matter where our clients might be, or on what device. MortgagePro achieves that, allowing any organization to fully integrate the information ensuring that everyone is on the same page.”

MortgagePro will continue to offer the powerful data and solutions from its original design.  Specific features include:

  • Views into time critical trends
  • Market share on any scale
  • Tracking your builder relationships
  • Targeting of real opportunity through remaining supply
  • Competitive profiling – what, where, with who and how much
  • Future community tracking allowing for speed to market
  • Ability to isolate and enhance your lead pool with local builder contact information
  • Focus on builder and lender relationships, down to the subdivision level


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