Realtor Magazine: 10 Best Cities for Family Home Buyers

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Moving to a new location can be a tough decision, particularly for buyers with families who are moving with kids.

BUILDER Magazine and Metrostudy combined their findings with recent research from WalletHub to pinpoint the best cities for families in home-shopping mode.

The analysis factors in the median price of new single-family homes as well as quality education, job markets, healthcare, crime, and divorce rates.

The following places emerged on top as the most family-friendly in 2016 for those looking to buy new single-family homes:

  1. Omaha, Neb.: $244,200 (Median price of new single-family home Q2 2016)
  2. Lincoln, Neb.: $288,800
  3. Chesapeake, Va.: $300,000
  4. Madison, Wis.: $312,500
  5. Colorado Springs, Colo.: $324,100
  6. Aurora, Ill.: $387,500
  7. Virginia Beach, Va.: $407,100
  8. Plano, Texas: $457,100
  9. Overland Park, Kan.: $520,000
  10. Fremont, Calif.: $1,577,800

While Fremont, Calif., has a high median new home price, researchers note it had one of the lowest divorce rates at 12.2 percent.