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Guidance to successfully navigate the marketplace.

Metrostudy has the deepest and savviest team of strategic consultants in the housing industry and we are expertly equipped to provide you with insights and guidance to successfully navigate the marketplace. Drawing on superior proprietary data sources, advanced research capabilities, and extensive market experience, our intelligence provides you with critical visibility into trends and industry behaviors and a powerful competitive advantage.

"On the ground" research

The core of our knowledge base is "on the ground" research. We understand local market dynamics better than any other organization. We consider the idiosyncrasies of the subject site, the quality of the surroundings, employment centers, traffic and commuting distance, alongside comparisons with other corridors and submarkets. Our in-depth process delivers the most accurate and comprehensive market intelligence to power our consulting assignments.

Competition is fierce

Land and lot prices are high and profit margins are tight. Optimizing results in today’s tough housing environment requires more than instinct. To be successful and eclipse the competition you need understand the local market and the competitive landscape. Metrostudy delivers exclusive, proprietary business intelligence that helps you make critical decisions with confidence.

Our strategic engagements include:

  •  Market Memorandum
  • Site-Specific Market Study
  • Merger & Acquisition Study
  • Land Plan Optimization
  • Retail Feasibility and Demand Studies
  • Rental Study
  • Municipal Redevelopment Study
  • Economic Development Study
  • Wall Street Assignments
  • Strategic Study and Boardroom-Level Consulting

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