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Thousands of data inputs, modeled, analyzed, and mastered

With Metrostudy’s Land Plan Optimization, you tap into Metrostudy’s deep knowledge of local markets, expert real estate economists, and our unique, proprietary mathematical model you can trust to consistently deliver the best product mix and pricing scenarios for your land plan, and better data-driven results for your mixed-use/retail or commercial development project.

Visualize the Local Market

Optimization begins early in the planning process with access to Metrostudy’s industry leading housing data, exclusive consumer segmentation intelligence, thorough understanding of local markets and over a thousand data inputs.

These extensive inputs are combined and optimized for your specific project, Metrostudy analytics experts collaborate with you and do the math, helping to uncover those hard to identify opportunities so you achieve the best results for your project.

Residential Development

Achieve the most profitable land plan for your development:

  • Site acquisition evaluation and raw land values
  • Entitlements navigation
  • Defining the highest ROI product mix/pricing options, given local constraints
  • Residual land values, factoring in construction costs, infrastructure burdens and the multitude of indirect costs
  • Absorption rates, and more

Mixed-use/Retail and Commercial Development

Establish a plan with the maximum ROI, in evaluation phase, after constraints have arisen, or when market demand has changed:

  • Market evaluation and comparison
  • Identify rooftop locations for future site location planning
  • Forecast future household formations with consumer segment distribution
  • Evaluate current retail supply/demand dynamics with future projections as residential development evolves
  • Optimal retail or tenant recommendations (store, branch, restaurant, etc.)

Benefits Throughout The Product Lifecycle

By partnering with Metrostudy’s Land Plan Optimization throughout the planning lifecycle, you will:

  • Establish the most profitable plan at the beginning of your project
  • Pressure test and validate product mix assumptions as the planning process progresses
  • Efficiently pivot to build a land plan with the maximum ROI after constraints have arisen or market dynamics have changed

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