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The Residential Economic Report is the most cogent and effective forecasting tool available for the residential real estate market.

Timothy McGinnis – President, Woodside Homes of California

Set Direction with Confidence

Our quarterly forecast allow you to quickly understand the direction of local housing markets to make informed investment decisions. This report provides a clear view into the market’s historic and current economic, socio-economic, and demographic trends along with 5-year forecasts for key indices of market evaluation.

The Residential Economic Report answers your questions:

  • Is the market under or overbuilt?
  • Is the market under or over-valued?
  • Should I be buying or selling?
  • What does the future hold?

Report Highlights

Our reports include expert-written commentary that highlights market activity, trends, and forecast conclusions on future market health and provides deep coverage of the following, including 5 year forecasts:

  • Macro-economic trends
    • Employment
    • Household income
    • Population trends
    • Construction activity
    • Mortgage rates
    • Median new home price
  • Exclusive intelligence on housing variables
    • Housing supply & demand
    • Housing over / under supply
    • Housing over / under valuation
    • Price appreciation and affordability
    • Opportunity / risk indexes
    • Buy / sell triggers

 The report is delivered in presentation ready, Microsoft PowerPoint to save you time and effort. 

In covering land acquisitions, I need a report that provides a concise picture of what is happening and what will happen in each of the markets we explore.  The Residential Economic Report has provided that for me for many years.

Tim McSunas – Sr. Vice President, William Lyon Homes

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