Recap: Metrostudy 1Q17 Housing Webcast

On February 15th Metrostudy’s Chief Housing Economist, Mark Boud, presented his housing webcast to a virtual room of nearly 1,200 registrants. The following three Regional Directors from  FL and NC joined Mark in a round table lightning session to also present the trends and outlook for their southeastern local markets: Tony Polito (Tampa/Sarasota FL), Anthony Crocco (Jacksonville, Orlando, and Central FL), and Jay Colvin (NC & SC).

In case you missed this information packed presentation, we’re pleased to share the recording from this recent virtual event. This is a not to be missed session for anyone looking to be successful in the residential construction space.

And here are just a few highlights and key takeaways to kick off 2017:

  • Job growth may increase in 2017/18 from 2016 levels.
  • Household income growth will accelerate.
  • Housing shortages will become more intense. Look for an accelerated and shorter, sharper real estate cycle, with a peak in the 2018/19 time frame.
  • An extended period of low mortgage rates has allowed home prices (and land values) to rise higher and more rapidly than they should have.
  • A higher national Debt-to-GDP ratio will lead to higher interest payments which will eventually dilute US currency and slow the US economy.

Careful research and more accurate data analysis have never been more important than in this current cycle. If you want to get the full report and outlook, visit our recording and gain an hour of additional key insights. You will also have a chance to hear a more detailed analysis for the metro markets in both FL and NC.

Mark your calendar and save the date for our next Metrostudy Webcast on March 30th at 2pm EST, where will kick off our Consumer Insights series for 2017 and will offer an overview on the challenging topic “Affordability in Today’s Housing Market”.