Regional Director David Cobb In the News

Metrostudy’s Regional Director for Jacksonville, David Cobb, recently spoke at the Northeast Florida Builders Association. His insights into the local housing market were shared by several media outlets.

David’s insights on millennial homebuyers and home size trends were reported in the Jacksonville Daily Record’s Sailer Report, Scott Sailer’s column on housing development and real estate in the area. Read more about changing preferences in amenities and new home sizes.

DSNews, which is an outlet focusing on housing and mortgage issues, also shared David’s analysis of Metrostudy data into millennial housing patterns in the area, emphasizing that 51.9% of new home sales in Jacksonville were by millennials. Read more about millennials and buying a “Dream Home”.

The M Report, focusing on mortgage-related topics, took a more nation-wide approach to the millennial housing activity. The article reported David’s projection on the state of housing over the next decade, noting that millennials will be the largest age group in 2030, making the majority of homebuyers at that point will be millennials or younger. Read more about millennial activity around the nation.