• Proactively plan your future growth – enrollment forecasting, attendance zoning, staffing/infrastructure planning, and site location analysis.
  • Understand your local populations. Visualize your district with reports, maps, and data on-demand.
  • Sophisticated mapping technology to build 5 or 10 year plan to answer the “when,” “where” and “how” of school location siting.

“Our customers have asked us to deliver a complete lifecycle data solution for informed decision-making across their entire organization. Not only does our single-source solution do just that, the combination of these two methodologies result in new insights never before available to the industry.”

– Andy Reid, President, Metrostudy

Metrostudy School District Demographic & Planning Report

The nation’s leading housing experts providing accurate housing data with demographic expertise designed to proactively help you plan for future school district growth – now in an easy to use report updated quarterly.

Single family housing is the driver for most suburban school district enrollment growth.


Understanding the single family housing market is critical in predicting enrollment growth and further assisting school districts with forecasting staffing, revenue projections and facility needs.

Metrostudy data is accurate and timely. Quarterly data will enable districts to make adjustments to facility plans and revenue projections.


Our consultants have expertise in processing housing data to provide accurate housing yields (students per house) and enrollment projections.