Become a Data Driven Business

The housing market meltdown—and a new era of tight credit and slow growth—has radically reshaped residential home building. Where the game used to be won or lost based on instinct and speed, it’s now all about crunching the right numbers.


  • The current housing market: an analysis
  • How builders are positioning themselves to succeed in this new climate
  • The hallmarks of creating a data-driven business
  • How you can become a data-driven builder

From 1992–2006, life was good for home builders, developers, building products manufacturers and other related professionals in the U.S. Enticed by steadily rising home values and declining interest rates, builders and developers bought land and put up homes at a breathtaking rate, peaking at 1.7 million single-family housing starts in 2005.

The implosion of the housing market, followed by the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, has changed the playbook. In a volatile market where tight credit, skittish buyers and slow growth are the new rules of engagement, builders can no longer rely on instinct, speed and past experience when making precious investments in land and housing developments.

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